Palatina Project

Photograph of two stacks of paperback books

Palatina is a program for managing your book catalogue.

The project is currently in early development. This means it cannot yet be used to keep track of your books. It's not easy to get up and running, either. At the moment, it's mostly of interest to developers, but I hope potential users will get in touch concerning required features and even GUI layout.

Palatina is free software, distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License, version 3 or later.

Palatina is written in the Scala programming language. This is an object-oriented/functional language which creates programs which run on the Java Virtual Machine. Thus, most of Palatina will run on any computer that can run Java, but the main target will be GNU/Linux systems. The main front-end for Palatina will be for GNOME, written using Java-Gnome (GNU/Linux only). The database layer will use Slick - (current code uses ScalaQuery, the predecessor to Slick).

If you are interested in helping with development of Palatina, you can subscribe to the mailing-list and ask questions there, or jump in to the #palatina IRC channel on FreeNode and look for CathalMagus. You don't need to have knowledge of programming in order to make a contribution: I need people to suggest features, sketch user-interfaces, test early versions of the program, and create icons and graphics.